Holly Springham – Contemporary Textile Painter

About Holly Springham

I trained in art and textiles in the conventional sense; if there is such a thing in art school… Namely, the history and story of what went before, the techniques, theory and hands on experimentation. Like Picasso said, ‘one must know the rules in order to break them’  and for or me, once I knew the basics, I wanted to play. Screen printing conventionally was not exciting enough for me, I wanted to push it further…and do my own thing. Coming from an artistic family, this was encouraged.

It has always been in my nature to do things a bit differently and I started experimenting with blank screens, expanding dyes and pushing mark making and pattern to create something new. I work quickly, but not carelessly. I always have a general idea of what I want to achieve and if i’m not satisfied, I’ll take the piece in a completely new direction, sometimes producing something even better than anticipated (the proverbial happy accident). My work is unpredictable which makes it more exciting to create and observe.

From a photograph, image or idea, I create my colour palette and prepare my silk screens, sometimes blank. I layer up colour and pattern using the squeegee as my paintbrush and work like a fluid artist; total freedom and exciting to do.

Once in the flow and working with shape, colour and fabric that I love, and always a good soundtrack on (music is paramount)…it’s a pretty unbeatable feeling for a creative soul!

If you like my work, please enquire directly to discuss your requirements. After receiving a lot of requests for workshops, for those interested in screen printing and abstract art…watch this space! Until then, keep it creative 😉




Holly Springham was born in the West of Scotland, by Loch Lomond in the 80’s. I studied Textiles and Fashion Design Management (First class honours degree specialising in contemporary printed textiles. Thereafter, I spent 5 years working in many creative fields in the UK including trend forecasting, design direction, project management, event management and interior design (designing adventure centres and luxury apartments in Edinburgh and Glasgow).

In my twenties, I took off on a trip around the world (lasting over 3 years… ). Adventures through South America, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA and Europe. This extraordinary journey gave me an invaluable insight into the diverse cultures, trends, tastes, colour applications and design, in context. From visiting thousands of remarkable locations, art galleries, trekking in the wild for weeks and absorbing entirely different lifestyles, I returned to Europe and found myself in ‘Super yachting’. After a very interesting five years onboard beautiful yachts all over the world, I reached my goal/limit as chief stewardess on a 50m luxury sailing yacht; a truly magical experience.

After this exciting chapter of life at sea, I realised that true creativity was calling me back. I needed the thrill of producing work that I loved and get back to what I originally trained in and what made me so happy. I returned to my first love (Antibes in France), found a beautiful studio and decided to put all my experiences and creative energy into one place and rekindle my love for producing original artworks. With a deep rooted desire to live in a beautiful place and reignite my style, the timing was right at last. With dedication, motivation and flair, and fair pricing (I am Scottish afterall), it was time to go out on my own again… and create.

Seaholly was born.